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Though dynamic portfolio management and a company-wide commitment to sustainable development,

we provide our customers with innovative and competitive solutions that meet market needs as well as their current and future requirements for energy efficiency, resource management and environmental safety.

M. Chollet & S. Desormière's InterviewTo M. Chollet & S. Desormière's Interview

InterviewM. Chollet & S. Desormière

“In every business, we will embed sustainability in our activities and in our key projects.”

Marc Chollet, General Manager Strategy

Sophie Desormière, General Manager Marketing and Sales

From innovation to Sustainable DevelopmentTo From innovation to Sustainable Development

From innovationto Sustainable Development

Solvay sets out to create value responsibly and in the long term. Our founders were convinced that the mission of science is to contribute to human progress and to improve living conditions. That is why, at Solvay, innovation powers sustainable development.

New projects are evaluated at a very early stage against our Sustainable Portfolio Management (SPM) methodology. All new innovations must meet specific criteria concerning energy efficiency, environmental footprint and product lifecycle. We have also implemented a robust process for identifying promising new technologies.

Solvay Prize: Recognizing innovation in fundamental research

Created in 2013, the € 300,000 Chemistry for the Future Solvay Prize recognizes scientific achievements in chemistry that are expected to shape the future of the field and help human progress.

The 2015 Chemistry for the Future Solvay Prize went to Professor Ben Feringa at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, for his groundbreaking work on molecular motors. Ben Feringa is also Vice-Chairman of the Royal Academy of Sciences of the Netherlands.

Using light, molecules at nanometer scale can be manipulated and put in motion. Feringa’s design of the first unidirectional molecular motor sets the stage for a range of future applications, such as information storage on a molecular scale, the development of responsive materials or smart catalysts for chemical processes, artificial muscles, and medication that can be switched on and off for precision therapy.

Commenting on the potential of his research, Ben Feringa said: “I am convinced that the creative power of synthetic chemistry will bring unimaginable solutions to the sustainable society of the future and to the well-being of mankind.”

Solar Impulse: Down-to-earth applications

Solvay has been a Solar Impulse partner from the start. Solvay researchers, chemists and engineers in Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy and the United States have left their marks on the Solar Impulse project.

The technologies used on Solar Impulse have down-to-earth applications in everyday life, in solar panel protection, computer and mobile phone batteries, baggage compartments on planes and sustainable solutions in mobility. For example, SINTERLINE® TECHNYL® Powders are used for additive manufacturing of high precision parts. Made from plastic instead of metal, these parts are lighter yet just as strong. They were used on Solar Impulse to create custom technical parts in record time.

Other Solvay technologies have contributed to aircraft’s lightweighting, energy capture and storage, endurance and safety. We have delivered our best available technologies to make Solar Impulse a success.

Sustainable guar: responsible procurement

Sometimes our most important innovations happen outside of the lab. Solvay and L’Oréal have teamed up in a scalable three-year project to teach and promote sustainable agricultural practices among 1,500 guar bean farmers across ten villages in India’s desert region of Bikaner, Rajasthan state. India is the world’s top guar producer with about 80 percent of global production.

Guar is one of the main resources for many communities but its production is volatile as it relies on monsoon rains. Our “Sustainable Guar Initiative” aims to empower farmers with the tools and knowledge to cultivate the crop through good agricultural practices, in accordance with the UN’s guidelines, resulting in more continuous, high-yield production.

This initiative is a natural move for Solvay. We are a world leader in guar derivatives and we supply our customers with ingredients for use in a variety of applications.
“Innovation based on ‘asking more from chemistry’ is the key enabler to deliver these new solutions.”

Sophie Desormière, General Manager Marketing and Sales

Our marketsIn Details

Improving quality of life

With middle class booming in developing countries, an ever increasing new agers generation and globalization of services, consumer’s expectations are ever more focusing on well-being and sustainable products.

With a wide range of adjuvants Solvay offers the opportunity in HPC to develop safe, multifunctional, sustainable solutions and reduce environmental footprint.

Our offer in the healthcare business is focused on improving daily life. Through tailor-made and innovative products our unique polymers grades enable to develop long-lasting and secure solutions for patients’ well-being.

Cleaner mobility

We help manufacturers comply with ever stricter regulations on CO2 while meeting consumer demand for safe, environmentally sustainable travel.

Our solutions for lightweighting, vehicle powertrains and tires help reduce fuel consumption. Our rare earth catalytic materials limit polluting emissions.

Our electrification materials meet the highest requirements of safety, high temperature and chemical resistance. Our battery materials improve Li-Ion performance.

Sustainability and energy efficiency

Our solutions contribute to energy efficiency, construction durability and occupant well-being, while helping to meet the demand for longer-lasting buildings.

We develop solutions for energy-saving triple-glazed windows and for foam wall coverings. Our weather-resistant and flame-retardant materials improve the safety and longevity of buildings. Our non-toxic emulsifiers and additives for paints contribute to better indoor air quality.

Our components for architectural coatings protect metals against corrosion. Our engineered plastics are found in highly robust parts of water supply systems.

Sustainable living, environmental protection

Through an innovative portfolio and a recognized expertise, we deliver tailored solutions and services to our customers, improving their capabilities to face the growing environmental pressure and to reconcile efficiency with sustainability.

Our fertilizer protection range supports farmers by enabling them to better control the environmental impact of crop while insuring yield increase and responding to the world growing demand.

Our portfolio in flavors, aromas and buffers, provides unique solutions improving in food quality and safety. Our products and services are levers for greater taste enhancement and a healthier living.

Connectivity and energy efficiency

We develop miniaturization technologies, advanced materials and energy efficient solutions.

Our KALIX® HPPA polyamides make it possible to manufacture slim and strong smartphones. Our polyamide solutions give electrical equipment greater temperature resistance, fire protection and safety. We provide materials for LED lighting.

Our INTEROX® PICO hydrogen peroxide is the reference for semiconductor manufacturers, particularly for cleaning and etching.

Protect and care

The oil and gas industry is working to reduce its environmental footprint, while energy companies continue to diversify their energy mix to include renewables.

We help our customers reduce their energy costs. Our solutions improve oil and gas production safely and responsibly. We also develop products and technologies for the generation and storage of alternative energy.

We support industry in increasing the energy efficiency of their operations and controlling air emissions, soil remediation, and water treatment and purification.

Efficiency and value

We develop intermediaries, materials and processes that help manufacturers get more out of their equipment, more responsibly.

Our products and formulations are used for surface modifications. Our solutions for water-based inks meet the strictest regulatory requirements. We also offer 3D printing polymers.

Our surface treatments and coatings improve the performance of finished products and their shelf life. Our industrial equipment solutions offer superior resistance to corrosion, high temperatures, and aggressive chemicals.

Our recent acquisition of Cytec has made us a leader in chemical reagents for mining that improve productivity and reduce operating costs.

Sustainable Solutions HighlightsTo Sustainable Solutions Highlights

Sustainable SolutionsHighlights


Largest player in aerospace

composite materials thanks to acquisition of Cytec in 2015

€ 300,000

Chemistry for the Future Solvay Prize

awarded for groundbreaking work on molecular motors


Guar bean farmers in India

benefit from a joint Solvay-L’Oréal project to promote sustainable agriculture