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Our strategy of transformation depends on the engagement, talent, skills and dedication of our employees.

In 2015, we continued to develop our people and transform our workforce to reflect the diversity of our clients and our geographical presence.

Cécile Tandeau de Marsac's InterviewTo Cécile Tandeau de Marsac's Interview

interviewCécile Tandeau de Marsac

“Transformation will only be successful with the full engagement of our people.”

Cécile Tandeau de Marsac, Group General Manager Human Resources

Excellence in HRTo Excellence in HR

DevelopingExcellence in HR

Solvay has 30,900 employees in 53 countries around the world, including 145 industrial sites and 21 Research & Innovation centers. In 2015, Solvay created 2,300 new jobs and dispensed 775,000 hours of training.

Solvay’s Human Resources strategy serves the Group’s ambitions to reshape the global chemical industry and address society’s challenges through greater sustainability and innovation. In particular, through our HR Excellence program, we create value by shaping an engaging workplace and promoting a culture of people development, empowerment, and performance.

Developing People

Solvay Human Resources acts as business partner for the organization and a career partner for employees. It helps the GBUs find the right talent and develop employee competencies in accordance with business needs. The objective is to make sure the business has the right workforce with the right skills in the right place.

For employees, the objectives are compensation, recognition, and development. Job satisfaction, opportunities for mobility and promotion are among the key drivers of employee retention. Another important factor is compensation and recognition. In 2015, a Group-wide Performance Sharing Plan was developed in conjunction with the European Works Council. The plan is a way of enabling all employees to share in the overall success of the Group.

Group HR delivers the regional learning process, including corporate training, regional training, and business specific learning opportunities.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

November saw the introduction of a Group Diversity & Inclusion Policy following the Executive Committee’s decision to build a more diverse workforce in order to lead to better teamwork, increased creativity and employee engagement as well to bring us closer to our customers. The Policy will focus on improving talent diversity in four key areas: experience and personal background, gender, geographical origin and age.

Progress will be measured against two clear objectives. First, by 2020 women should hold at least one-fifth of all senior executive positions. Second, the number of senior managers from the Americas and Asia should be doubled in the same period, compared to 2015.

The Policy will guide the Group as it embeds diversity and inclusion in all relevant HR processes, such as recruitment, talent management, and succession planning. The Policy is available in 16 languages.

Driving cultural change

The transformation of Solvay can only succeed if employees are engaged, understand the stakes and objectives, and contribute to the cultural shift the transformation requires.

Solvay conducted a company-wide employee survey in 2015 into which more than 22,000 employees participated. The high rate of participation shows strong employee motivation. Moreover, individual and team engagements scores were very high.

Even better, the survey's results on teamwork and accountability showed that people and management models are now fully part of our culture. However, the survey highlighted the expectations of employees in several areas, such as communications, development opportunities, work life balance and recognition.

As a result, Solvay will put even greater efforts into developing people through career discussions with managers. HR teams will explore new paths regarding recognition, communications, workload management, and building a more inclusive culture.
“Diversity and inclusion are key to us because they will bring higher performance.”

Cécile Tandeau de Marsac, Group General Manager Human Resources

Global performance <em>Sharing Plan</em>

Global PerformanceSharing Plan

In June 2015, Solvay signed a global profit-sharing agreement based on Group performance.

Jean-Christophe Sciberras, Head of Industrial Relations at Solvay, and Albert Kruft, Secretary of the European Works Council, explain the upcoming benefits of this plan.

Jean-Christophe Sciberras, Head of Group Industrial Relations

Albert Kruft, Secretary of the European Works Council

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